In addition to driving project development, and advising on carbon protocols and policy, we’re developing software aimed at solving complex environmental problems.


In order to quickly and accurately assess current carbon stocks, and determine how changes in land management or harvest will affect stocks, we developed proprietary forest carbon modeling software, known as CAMEO. Our software has been reviewed and approved by the three primary verification bodies for IFM projects.

Avoided Wildfire Emissions

SIG has been on the forefront of developing a multi-state avoided wildfire emissions protocol that quantifies the benefits of avoiding catastrophic wildfires through fuel reduction. We’re now working on developing an app that would show the impacts of avoiding wildfires on carbon emissions, water quality and quantity, and animal habitats.

Collect Earth Online

Given the pace and extent of deforestation and other change in land cover across the globe, governments and other landowners have implemented policies to track land usage and monitor change over time. To support these efforts, we helped build Collect Earth Online, a web-based data collection interface that provides access to multiple sources of imagery of the earth’s surface and enables multiple users to label the landscape.

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