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Improving the quality of forest management, and the employment of other natural climate solutions, are among the most impactful and cost-effective ways to meet emission reduction targets. SIG Carbon hand-selects projects to develop on the carbon offset market, focusing on those that will have a real and additional impact on climate change.

We connect our clients to revenue on the carbon offset market, in exchange for their long-term commitment to implement sustainable forest management practices. With SIG Carbon, landowners meet revenue objectives, while growing resilient, healthy forests that increase carbon storage.

We manage all aspects of forest carbon projects, from assessing the financial feasibility of a project, through project development, and credit sale. Our business philosophy is rooted in two core values: making cutting-edge science accessible and actionable, and providing complete financial transparency.




Apply forest management practices to increase carbon sequestration, while also meeting financial and land management goals. Adopt practices that help preserve, protect and maximize carbon stocks.


Get paid for implementing sustainable forestry practices. Receive annual payments based on the amount of carbon stored in the forest, while continuing to meet harvesting goals, or wildfire mitigation needs.


We offer multiple options for working together and offer full transparency when it comes to reviewing costs and revenue sharing. Typically, we get paid only if your project is successful.

Selected Projects


White Mountain Apache Tribe Registers 11 Million Credits

Tribe Reinvests Funds from Project to Create Employment Opportunities

White Mountain Apache Tribe Registers 11 Million Credits

Acres Preserved: 211,000
Project Type:
Improved Forest Management
Standard: CA Compliance Market
Location: Arizona
Landowners: White Mountain Apache Tribe
Status: Credits Issued

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Vermont Land Trust Aggregation Project

Vermont’s Small Land Owners Band Together

Vermont Land Trust Aggregation Project

PROJECT TYPE: Improved Forest Management
STANDARD: Voluntary Market, American Carbon Registry
STATUS: Project development 

  • The Vermont Land Trust 
  • Cold Hollow to Canada 
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • University of Vermont
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Hear From Our Customers

This is a first of its kind initiative to help Northern Vermont forestland owners, managing roughly 7,500 acres, participate in the national, voluntary carbon market. It’s an incredible opportunity for us to protect this globally-significant forest, and to ensure that unfragmented forestland ownership is financially viable.
― Charlie Hancock, Board Chair of Cold Hollow to Canada
The project not only helps combat the threat of climate change and global warming, but also provides the Tribe with economic benefits which are secondary to the ecological, cultural, and spiritual benefits that we have always realized from our prized forest lands.
― Jonathan Brooks, former Tribal Forestry Director and carbon project manager for the White Mountain Apache Tribe


April 12, 2021
Michigan-based consultancy Green Timber Forestry, and SIG Carbon will provide project development services in order to protect 13,000 acres (approx 20 sq miles) across Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. 
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