1: Feasibility

No Cost

We provide interested landowners with a free feasibility assessment that helps determine if a forest carbon project is financially viable. The assessment provides estimated revenue on an annual basis for the life of the project, as well as costs and expenses, and administrative and legal considerations.

2: Project Development


We provide end-to-end project development services, including property boundary delineation, inventory design and implementation, quantification, carbon modeling, and project documentation for registries.

3: Verification


We contract and communicate with verification agencies. We also manage scheduled verifications, respond to verification issue logs, and ensure a smooth and efficient verification process.

4: Registration


We can serve as the Authorized Project Designee and perform all associated duties under registry regulations and by-laws. We'll set up your project's listing and coordinate all communication with registration agencies.

5: Credit Sale


Carbon credits are issued by California Air Resources Board for California’s compliance market and carbon registries (e.g. American Carbon Registry, Climate Action Reserve or VERRA) in the voluntary market. We find a buyer, facilitate the sale, and cover all associated fees. Once the credits are purchased, the landowner receives a payment for their long-term commitment to implementing sustainable forest management practices. The revenue from credit sales pays our project fee and allows us to recoup upfront investment costs.

6: Ongoing Reporting

Yearly Fee

SIG Carbon commits from 10-40 years to pay for ongoing monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) costs. Over the life of the project, careful tracking of timber harvesting, forest disturbance, and carbon stocks is required by the registries. These findings are reported to the registry and must be periodically verified. We manage all Monitoring, Reporting and Verification activity. We can create a budget for long-term costs and help landowners set up an endowment to fund these expenses.

Upfront Project Financing

We cover all upfront costs.

With SIG Carbon, there are zero out of pocket expenses to landowners to enter the market. We cover fees associated with producing a feasibility study, implementing the project, and working with verification and registration bodies. We take on the upfront risk, and are paid our project fee only if the initiative is successful.

Fee Structure Options

We’re flexible, fair and transparent.

We offer multiple ways to work together, including a flat project fee, a percentage of credits generated, and even a model that caps the fee we recoup from the credit sale.

Risk Management

We ensure clients are protected.

We take on the risk of financing the project, and have a vested interest in ensuring it is successful. We also provide access to contracts that protect landowners from potential legal risk.

Deal Term

We're in it for the long haul.

For the projects we vet and select, we’re prepared to make a long-term commitment. We’ll take on performance risk and commit to a 10-40 year partnership.

Open Bid for Buyer

We’re not obligated to one specific buyer.

We vet potential buyers, and look for the most competitive bids. We provide a guaranteed price floor, premarket credits and obtain advance commitments, and get the best possible price for credits.

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