Client Programs

From families, to land trusts, tribes, and TIMOs and REITs, we work with a broad spectrum of forest landowners. And, with more than 10 years of experience, we have developed a deep understanding of the objectives of each of these groups. Funneling our expertise and experience into proven frameworks, we developed client programs designed to meet the needs of each client. SIG Carbon programs represent the fastest path to market, and are designed to meet our clients’ revenue goals.

Our Client Programs


We are pioneers in designing projects that enable multiple landowners to pool non-contiguous land holdings, entering the market as a single carbon project. We help clients increase carbon revenue per acre, diversify risk, and minimize transaction costs. We also finance all project development and management services at no out-of-pocket costs to the landowner.

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Tribal Carbon

We’ve seen first-hand the environmental, social and economic benefits forest-based projects have delivered to tribal communities. Our program enables tribes to obtain a reliable revenue stream that will last for generations, while reviving tribal economies in a way that’s aligned with cultural values.

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Monitoring, Verification & Reporting

Over the life of a project, careful tracking of timber harvesting, forest disturbance, and carbon stocks is required by the registries. These findings are reported to the registry and must be periodically verified. While we specialize in end-to-end project development, we are also uniquely suited to take on a project after the initial credit issuance to manage all ongoing Monitoring, Reporting and Verification activity.

Frequently asked Questions

 What are carbon credits?

Every ton of emissions reduced via an offset project, results in the creation of one carbon offset credit.

1 carbon credit = 1 carbon certificate = the reduction of one metric ton/2,205 lbs of carbon dioxide reduced from the atmosphere

Carbon offsetting is the act of reducing carbon dioxide, or greenhouse gases, the principal cause of climate change. Project developers, such as SIG Carbon, sell these credits on the carbon offset market. The funds from these carbon credit sales are distributed to certified emission reduction projects. 

Carbon credits are measured and compared to what would exist in the absence of the carbon project. While there are hundreds of different types of carbon reduction projects, we curate projects that promote the healthy growth and maintenance of forests via the Improved Forest Management protocol.

 What is the carbon offset market?

Carbon markets are where carbon credits are sold. The U.S.-based carbon market trades credits on two different markets in an effort to regulate and offset greenhouse gas emissions. There are two markets: the voluntary carbon market and the compliance carbon market.

The voluntary carbon market is driven by companies and individuals taking responsibility for their own emissions by choosing to offset their carbon.   

The California’s compliance carbon market is enforced by law in the form of a ‘cap-and-trade program,’ where participants trade carbon credits in order to make a profit from unused allowances or purchase credits to meet regulatory requirements. 

What are the stages in a carbon offset project?

1. Feasibility: assessment that helps determine if a forest carbon project is financially viable for the landowner.

2. Project Development: Measurement and documentation according to protocol and regulations.

3. Verification: communication and verification of the project by a third-party expert. 

4. Registration: certification with a carbon registry.

5. Credit Sale: Carbon credits are issued through carbon registries, such as the American Carbon Registry and Climate Action Reserve. 

6. Ongoing Monitoring: Over the life of the project, careful tracking of timber harvesting, forest disturbance, and carbon stocks is required by the registries. 

Visit our pricing page for a more in-depth look at each stage of a carbon offset project.

How can I be sure of the integrity of carbon credits?

All credits linked to SIG Carbon projects have been verified and certified by an independent third-party organization. The on-going performance of each project is monitored by the evaluation agencies and their local partners at least once a year throughout the life cycle of each project. 

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