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SIG Carbon was born from Spatial Informatics Group, an environmental think-tank consultancy. SIG was founded by four PhD students (now professors), interested in applying the science behind their research to real world problems.  

Following in the DNA of Spatial Informatics Group, SIG Carbon was founded with an academic focus, rooted in the science of forest carbon and timber management. The mission of Spatial Informatics Group is to bring science to landowners to improve environmental outcomes, rather than maximizing the company’s profit. This remains the operating ethos for SIG Carbon.

Since the earliest days of the carbon market, members of our team have served as technical experts. We’ve helped to improve quantification methods, bring clarity to forest carbon inventory methods, drive remote sensing technology integration, and develop the next generation of forecasting tools for fire and carbon risk modeling.  

Over the last ten years, the SIG Carbon team has expanded to include staff skilled at building software and managing projects. While we continue to advance the science underlying the markets, we’re equally focused on helping landowners make informed land use and land management decisions. We see providing end-to-end carbon development services as an extension of our mission to bring science to landowners. Not only can we provide data and detailed analyses, but we can also help landowners implement actions based on that data. 

Why Sig Carbon


We curate projects aimed at mitigating the impacts of climate change. Through the application of improved forest management practices, we help landowners meet revenue goals, while sequestering even more carbon.

Rooted in

For the last 15 years, we have advanced the forest carbon and timber science underlying the markets. Given our roots, we’re adept at making cutting edge science accessible and actionable for landowners.

Fair &

For the projects we select, we cover upfront expenses and take on the initial risk. When it comes to reviewing costs and expected revenue, we’re an open book.

Contributions that Helped Shape the Carbon Market

Carbon Policy & Protocols
(2009 - The Present)

SIG has been on the cutting edge of carbon policy and program development since the inception of California’s Cap & Trade program. Due to the contributions we made, we are known in the industry as having developed the “science behind the market.” Below are initiatives on which we provided scientific expertise.

Advisor, American Carbon Registry, Remote Sensing Methodologies

Remote sensing technology offers an accurate and cost effective method for calculating current carbon sequestration and predicting future carbon stocks and revenues. We advised on the creation of a carbon accounting framework using remote sensing to measure, monitor, report and verify carbon sequestration.

Advisor, California Air Resource Board, Land Use GHG Inventory

California's annual statewide greenhouse gas emission inventory is an important tool for establishing historical emission trends and tracking California's progress in reducing GHGs. We provided advisory services on how to quantify GHGs.

Advisor, American Carbon Registry, Aggregation Protocol

For small landowners, the ability to pool more than one landholding into a single project is breaking down historical barriers to entering the carbon market. We helped develop guidelines to manage risk for all parties in projects involving multiple landowners.

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Review Committee, CA Air Resources Board, Early Action Offset Project 

We helped review and approve requirements that enabled projects developed on the voluntary market to be transitioned into compliance offset credits.

Methodology, Air Resource Board, Sequential Sampling

We provided a method used by ARB and verifiers to quickly and easily validate field measurements and project data. It has been used to verify over 175 million forest offset credits worth ~$1.9 billion.

Expert Reviewer, VERRA's Verified Carbon Standard Forest Protocols

We approved detailed procedures for quantifying the real greenhouse gas benefits of a carbon project and provided guidance to help project developers quantify the GHG emissions that were reduced or removed.

Notable Project Work

With 10+ years of experience working on carbon projects, we’ve helped protect one million acres of forestland, and generate over $150 million in offset revenue for landowners. Here are some of the noteworthy ‘firsts’ from our project work:

Pioneering Innovative, Multi-Landowner Deal Structure

Ten forest landowners formed the first carbon cooperative in the U.S., managing 7,500 acres of forestland in the northern Green Mountains of Vermont. SIG provided project development services for credits issued to the voluntary market. Amazon is investing in the project as part of its commitment to carbon neutrality.

One of the First Universities to Enter the Market

We’re working with Lubrecht Experimental Forest, one of the first universities - and the first designated experimental forest in the nation - to enroll in a carbon project. As part of this project, students at the University of Montana’s forestry program are gaining hands-on experience in an emerging carbon market.

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Largest IFM Compliance Project at Time of Listing

We provided development services on two projects with the White Mountain Apache Tribe. At the time of credit issuance, this was the largest Improved Forest Management project on the compliance market. With 11 million credits issued to date, it remains one of the largest forest carbon projects in the United States.

Laid the Ground Work for Northeast Landowners

The Howland & Alder projects were one of the first Early Action Air Resources Board forest projects (where credits could be converted between the two carbon markets). We performed full project development services, and in doing so, laid the ground-work for developing forest carbon projects for small-scale Northeast landowners.

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