SIG Carbon Aggregation


Find community—and cash—in forest carbon and climate conservation.
Benefit from sound science to create real environmental benefits and generate low-risk revenue.

Join fellow landowners in this new opportunity to protect forests and fight climate change at zero cost.

Together, we break barriers: With the new SIG Carbon Aggregation Program, landowners with as little as 500 acres can benefit from carbon offset markets that traditionally have favored large-scale landowners.

Together, we create a new future: You get paid for your sustainable forest management practices while adding intrinsic value to your property, supporting conservation, and fighting climate change.

You are in good hands: SIG Carbon is a trusted forest carbon project developer with vast experience and solid financing. We value transparency and prioritize your interests, ensuring that you remain legally protected while benefiting from the best science and technology.

With zero upfront cost to you, deciding to join is easy!


Enjoy an additional revenue stream from your forest property.
Pool resources with other small landowners and break down barriers to market entry.
Enter the market with zero out-of-pocket expenses, and take advantage of a monitoring fund to cover costs throughout the project’s lifetime (eliminating surprise out-of-pocket fees).
SIG Carbon covers startup expenses and takes on the risk of getting the project to market.
Reap the benefits of working with a carbon leader. SIG Carbon has been working in forest carbon offsets since the market’s birth. Our experts are well-versed in all aspects of the process needed to create—and maintain—successful carbon projects.
Leverage our scientific expertise to balance your forest management activities with the requirements of the carbon offset market.
Trust our rigorous background in science to ensure that your forest carbon project produces real benefits both for you and for the planet.
Join with a community of fellow small landowners to reduce costs, increase income, and expand your environmental impact.
Receive individual attention, hands-on support through all phases of the project, as well as positive public attention for your work protecting forests and fighting climate change.
Take advantage of a legal framework created especially for you.
Take comfort in a project designed to reduce risk.
Unlike some of our competitors, SIG promises full transparency. You will know which companies and organizations are engaged for credit sales, plus how revenue is split among participants


1. Connect

Let’s talk! We’ll determine whether your property is feasible.

2. Enroll

Once you qualify, take advantage of our legal framework to protect your interests.Count

3. Count

Using sound science, we’ll collect data on your trees to create forest carbon offset credits.

4. Earn

Your profits come from the sale of credits. We value transparency and offer accountability.

5. Monitor

SIG will handle the monitoring requirements—we take care of you so you can take care of your trees.

White Mountain Apache TribeDead Mans GulchVermont Land Trust

Who we work with

Forest landowners: SIG Carbon works with a diverse array of landowners to generate income while improving forest management. From small family forest owners to national nonprofits and commercial timber operators, everyone (and the earth!) benefits from participating in forest carbon projects. We also value our tribal partners, who are the original stewards of the land, and whose Indigenous knowledge is key in informing and improving sustainable land management practices.

Program organizers: Renowned as the best scientists in the forest carbon offset market, SIG Carbon consults with key market players including the California Air and Resources Board, the Climate Action Reserve, and the American Carbon Registry to identify ways to improve offset protocols.

Credit buyers: SIG Carbon has been active in the forest carbon projects since the inception of the offset market in the early 2000s. Our consistently solid work has fostered trust among a network of credit buyers. We will work with you to sell your credits to buyers whose values resonate with your vision.

Northeast Wilderness TrustVermont Land TrustIndian Land Tenure FoundationLubrecht ForestWhite Mountain Apache TribeAmerican Carbon RegistryCalifornia Air Resources



market growth

There is strong market demand for credits from forest carbon projects. Participating landowners received a total of $330 million in 2019 and a projected $1 billion in 2021, with more growth expected in coming years.


The right goals

Funds generated from your carbon project can be used to drive further conservation efforts and other strategic goals, all while your enrolled forests help mitigate climate change.

Gold Standard

Designed for you

Take advantage of legal and financial frameworks that provide maximum protection and transparency while allowing you to generate additional revenue streams with minimal effort and zero out-of-pocket expenses.

Zero Cost

no upfront cost

SIG will take on all risk and cover all upfront development costs. A monitoring fund will cover costs through the lifetime of the project, eliminating surprise expenses.



Minimum of 500 acres for the individual landowner, and minimum of 5,000 acres for each landowner group

Native Species

Landowners must maintain native species composition and canopy cover.


Conservation easements are not required, but if you do have one, the easement must be younger than one year old

The World

If you’re harvesting timber, you need a certified forest management plan (ATFS, FSC, SFI, or BIA) with a commitment to sustainable yield

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