Since the earliest days of the carbon market, members of our team have served as technical experts. While we continue to advance the science underlying the markets, we’re equally focused on helping landowners access revenue from carbon markets. We partner with land trusts, tribes, family land owners, TIMOs and universities to manage all aspects of forest carbon projects.

Below are representative samples from our project portfolio.


White Mountain Apache Tribe Registers 11 Million Credits

Tribe Reinvests Funds from Project to Create Employment Opportunities

White Mountain Apache Tribe Registers 11 Million Credits

Acres Preserved: 211,000
Project Type:
Improved Forest Management
Standard: CA Compliance Market
Location: Arizona
Landowners: White Mountain Apache Tribe
Status: Credits Issued

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Vermont Land Trust Aggregation Project

Vermont’s Small Land Owners Band Together

Vermont Land Trust Aggregation Project

PROJECT TYPE: Improved Forest Management
STANDARD: Voluntary Market, American Carbon Registry
STATUS: Project development 

  • The Vermont Land Trust 
  • Cold Hollow to Canada 
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • University of Vermont
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